Friday, September 04, 2009

I Left My Heart in South Korea

I didn't fully realize how hard this would be. Moving back to America was going to be hard enough but moving to a new town and community while adapting to the US has been more difficult than I ever imagined. I'm starting over for the second time in three years and it hasn't gotten any easier. When I was in college, I had automatic community around me. TCIS was the same deal. Being here, there is a community all around me but it's not mine. It's that of 18-year olds who are embarking on their college experience.

This isn't some sob story, I'm a big girl and I'll be ok. But one thing has really surprised me. I miss Korea more and more each day. I've been listening to Korean pop songs, watching Korean tv on youtube and looking at my pictures from the two years I spent there. My heart has a longing to return (for more than just a visit). I miss the food, the people, the culture, the neon signs, the crazy taxi drivers and even the outrageous smells! I know that Dan and I will be living in the States for a while after marriage, but my heart will always long for international living.

For now, I'm in Minnesota doing something that I absolutely love. I feel equipped and called to the ministry of a Resident Director and I look forward to each day. One month in and I'm grateful to be in this place at this time. I anticipate being here for a while, especially once my fiance joins me! Thank you for all your prayers and support!


Katie C said...

Oh Dains... hope you start to find a life and a place in the cities/at crown and figure that out. I miss you my friend. Talk to you soon!

Ashish Jessica and Priya said...

I know what you mean about the community thing. You can't recreate the community you had as a student - you're there to help create that experience for the students. The role for an RD is so different - but still amazing. I think it's good that you recognize that. I hope the transition continues to go well for you. I'm praying for you as you and Dan are separated (not easy) and as you transition into an exciting (but very challenging) new ministry. Love ya! ~Jess