Monday, March 14, 2005

Survivor: St. George

Spring break '05 has come and gone and it was an adventure to say the least...

The two IWU vans set out with 16 students (9 guys, 7 girls) at noon on Sunday. Lets just say that the guys didn't want to stop for rest room breaks and I ended up using a plastic bag for a very different purpose...Anyway, we got to St. George Island at around 3 in the morning and slept out on the beach. The next day, we kayacked 6 miles to Little St. George and set up camp. At 6:30, the fun started. We were sent into our tents because of rain. It turned into a huge storm that didn't let up until morning. Winds at 50 mph had me and Jackie holding up our tent the entire time. Three of the guys came by at around midnight to see how we were doing and the rain started again, so they stayed in Angela's tent and she came into ours (yeah for 3 girls in a two-man tent). Little did we know that there were a good 3 tornados in that area that night. The next day was amazing! The sun was shining but the wind was still strong. Angela got stung by a scorpion and the wind blew away one of our tents...But God allowed us to recover the Bibles that were in it along with a couple other items (including the tent bag, thanks for the irony). We left a day early and kayacked back (just the girls) in really rough waters and cold temps. It was so hard and scary, but we felt so buff after! We stuffed our faces with pizza and headed back to the good ole' IWU. All was going well (except for the really long graveyard driving shift I had between Alabama and Indiana with no music...) when a little friend showed up in Noblesville. Just 40 mins from school, a scorpion crawled out of my clothes and stung my neck...CRAZY! The whole van was screaming. What a way to cap off a crazy spring break.

I spent the next three days in the dorm alone...noboby else was allowed back on campus yet and my amazing RD gave me the keys to her apartment. So, I spent the time watching the entire first season of Gilmore Girls and sleeping. What a blessing to spend that time in solitude! When the guys got back, I finally had human interaction and chilled with Luke H. and Zack. Now everyone is back, including my wonderful roommie, Jen!

God taught me the importance of solitude this break. There were times when I would go off on the island and spend 2 hours in prayer or in the Word and it felt as though 15 mins. passed. He spoke to me louder than ever and I can't tell you how much I learned. Thank the Lord for struggles and triumphs!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ready fo Break!

Michelle told me that I better update this or else she's gonna fire me from blogging.

I jogged up to Fort Wayne on Saturday to say hey to Michelle and Ben and Justin from Across the Sky. On the way there I got pulled over (92 in a 65...only a warning!) and got lost (I kinda ended up in Ohio)...It's ok though, totally worth it to see them.

Ready for spring break anyone! Just one more week...