Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh Life

This summer has been crazy. I got back from the Czech Republic, spent 3 weeks at home, went to two weddings then headed to Houghton NY for pre-field orientation. I spent 2 weeks in sessions about working in international schools, missions and other various preperatory topics. I met some of the people that will be at TCIS with me and many others who will be spread across the globe. It's feels so great knowing that others are in the same boat you are only their going to Africa or Europe. Missions is alive and well and there are plently of young people ready to fight the battle.

So, I got back from PFO and headed to another wedding in Indiana. Got back from that and headed to Pennsylvania to visit some old friends (from Continentals and SLAM). This week has been filled with really tough and confusing emotions. We traveled to a kids camp in D.C. that we ministered at last year and got to see many of the kids and counselors again. I got to see Paul from SLAM and had to then say goodbye to him. We saw a Continental Concert with plenty of old friends on board (Nathan, Jordan, others) but then had to say goodbye. I leave today and will have to say goodbye to the friends here. I don't know when the next time I'll be able to come out to PA again is. God seems to throw curve balls my way a lot.

I leave on Wednesday to go to Jen and Tom's wedding. So many friends will be there but along with it, so many goodbyes will be shared. I was fine with graduating from college because I knew without a doubt that I would see all these people during the summer. Now I'm really moving to South Korea and won't be able to see them for a year. It's finally setting in.

This blog hasn't been super profound or though-provoking. But it's where my heart is right now. I'm so full of emotion that I just needed to write it down. So, there you have it...