Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer of Reunions

Well, I'm in the USA. June has been a crazy crazy month. I flew in on June 8th (ate Taco Bell as soon as I left the airport) and things haven't slowed down since. Jen flew to Chicago to see me and Kristin, Dan flew in to meet my fam and now I'm making the rounds in Indiana, seeing some of the most important people of my life. This last week has been so good for my heart. Getting to kick back with old friends, share stories of the past 12 months and just be in each other's company is what I've been needing for so long. So, am I ready to go back for another year? Not just yet. I've still got places to go and people to see (not to mention eat as much Mexican food that I can get a hold of). But I appreciate your prayers as I prepare to enter another year of ministry in Korea. Sorry I've been so bad with the'll get better, I promise.

But for now, I'll continue my road trips, my long talks and my thankful heart for the people the Lord has brought into my life (and continues to bring).