Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So, I've finally been able to process the events of the last few months...graduation, best friends getting married, moving to Korea, starting a new "Chapter" of my life. If you know me, the best way I process is by either journaling or putting my thoughts to song. Therefore after a long creative dry spell, I've written my first song since coming to Korea. It pretty much sums up this transition...

Chapter four, another door
That I don't want to walk through
Chapter three, you've grown on me
And I don't want to lose you
Seasons change and so must I
But summer sure has flown on by

Shed my skin, yet again
A new endevour, another end
Leave love behind and face the dawn
I can't look back because I'm gone

I should be wise and realize
Time is not the enemy
Stripped of all I've ever known
Blaming time settles me
Seasons change and so must I
But I loathe the word good-bye

Shed my skin, yet again
A new endevour another end
Leave love behind and face the dawn
I can't look back because I'm gone

We can't pretend that things won't change
We're moving on, that comes with age
We could adapt and survive
But this is just a part of life

Shed my skin, yet again
An new endevour another end
Leave love behind and face the dawn
We will endure, though I'm gone

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Little Blessings in a Big World

I've been reminded lately of the dire importance of JOY. It is, after all, a fruit of the Spirit. Joy is not an emotion, it is a state of being. I am learning to find joy in even the littlest things here in Korea. Just thought I could share a few with you:

- the middle school girls in the praise team, singing/playing the Vanessa Carlton song "1,000 Miles" after practice
- seeing my high school praise team students lead worship entirely without the help of me or the other staff leader. they picked out the songs, made the power point, practiced and lead their fellow students in an amazing time of brought tears of joy to my eyes to see those so young leading so fervently.
- Paula, one of my students, remembering how much I love dark chocolate and bringing me a different variety of several times.
- my co-worker, fellow "newbie" and friend, Allison. she too just graduated from Christian college and we just seem to get each other, our hearts, our minds, thank the Lord for someone who "gets me".
- Sally and Virginia, two other female RAs. They too "get me" and because they have been here longer (both in Korea and on the earth), can impart so much wisdom on me and Allison. thank the Lord for females...
- the fact that Costco here sells a huge block of colby jack cheese
- the fact that Korean food isn't all that fried and is full of vegetables (and that even me, a very picky eater has yet to go hungry due to taste discrimination).
- High School Spiritual Emphasis Week...40 came to Christ and so many more learned new things about our Lord and Savior.

I've been able to see each and every day why I am here. I'm almost 3 months in and it's crazy that I'm still writing about this transition. BUT, it has been the biggest one of my life...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sweet Sweet Saturday

I have never felt so at home in Korea as I did today. It's Saturday and my day off. I woke up, had a meeting with one of the teachers to plan worship for High School Spiritual Emphasis Week next week and then spent the next hour on the roof of my building. There is no a cloud in the sky today. The sun is warm and the wind is gentle. I sat up there, overlooking the city, the mountains, the school...overlooking my new world. A huge gust of wind enveloped me as if Jesus was wrapping me in His loving arms. I felt Him say "this is where I want you".

God has taken me farther than I ever expected. He is allowing me to do what I LOVE. My job consists of loving kids, planning worship services and mission job consists of my three greatest passions. Thank you, Jesus, for leading me here.

2 months in, I have an amazing community, friends who know me, students who amaze me and a God who is showing me each and every day why I am here....

thanks for the prayers! God is hearing them!

The view from the roof, where (when it's not raining) I get to spend my quiet time.

The Yellow Sea (across the sea is China) where I spent an amazing Chu-sok break with some pretty amazing friends.