Sunday, May 08, 2005


I'm home. After spending an entire semester away from the great city of Green Bay, last week I returned. Can't say everything's the same: new babies, friends married, and a ton of new buildings and construction...This week was spent sleeping and catching up with old friends. Next week: waitressing, chilling with friends who are finally coming home from college, and saying bye to Jason, a great friend who is growing up and moving into his career (literally). It's kinda crazy. I didn't really realize how quickly things change. I guess I'm in that time of life where pretty big decisions come into play. Watching Dawson's Creek reruns every morning this week, I came to miss high school. Then Jason so aptly reminded me that I was really immature back then and I've changed for the better...thank you Jason. Oh well, I guess this blast from the past will tide me over until next summer when I experience it all over again.

Two weeks left until I head back (somewhat regretfully) to IWU. I was excited to return until I realized how many people I love and miss here. Oh well, these nostalgic ramblings just might be my sleep-deprived body telling me to hit the sack. Until next time...