Thursday, November 08, 2007

Climb Every Mountain

With the fall weather (and colors) in full swing, what a wonderful opportunity to take a hike. So, I did just that. My amazing dorm parents (the Springers) took me on a hike up one of the nearby mountains that over looks the city of Daejeon. Great exercise, wonderful views and just what I needed to beat the "city blues". Below are some views of the city from the mountain and a video (no sound included). The city lies in a valley so everything you see between the ranges is...buildings. I didn't really know just how big the city was (at least for a small town girl like myself) until I saw the panoramic view from the top. Please take note of the random Korean man doing exercises at the top of the mountain. I guess if you're going to work out, what better place to do it than a place with a view.

God really made a beautiful world and I'm so grateful that I'm getting the chance to see it!