Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Two Thoughts in One

It's a blessed day when we can sit back, throw up our hands and say "I don't know". What powerful three words! So often, I HAVE to have the answers. For those who know me, I will sometimes make up something just so I have an answer. Those who know me really well will immediately be able to tell that I'm lying and they'll call me out on it. The fact of the matter is, it's ok to not know.

In fact, too often deep knowledge can get in the way of the childlike faith we are called to. Now, I'm not saying to stop all the studying and exegeting. Rather, belly up to the possibility that we'll never know all the answers. I like that concept better anyway.

By acknowledging that we'll never know everything, I can be free to rest upon the one thing I know for certain...the undeniable Word of God. And that, my friends, is not a lie.

The other thought rolling around in this head of mine is just these two words: divine imagination. Wait. Think about it. Read it again: divine imagination.

Trying to wrap my brain around that idea has left me in a place of peace. Going along with the former thought, what happens when I don't know the answers? What happens when something doesn't seem to make sense or that something just won't work out. Well, that's when divine imagination can step in. How often do we draw a box around God? Who says we only have to color inside the lines? We serve an incredibly creative God!! He can take nothing and turn it into a great big something. What makes us think that he won't continue to do so?

Sometimes you just need to rest on divine imagination...