Saturday, April 16, 2005

Bitter Sweet

So tonight I fully realized that my sophomore year is coming to an end. My time in Shatford is expiring, and the power suite of Jen, Ang, and Megan will be no more. Not to mention the staff that I have grown to love so much will have just a few more meetings together. Sad? Extremely. I hate getting older. The amazing girls in my unit will no longer be just a few steps away. Yet there is so much awaiting me. I can't wait to go home. January 7th I rolled down the street and haven't seen my house, little brother, or friends since. I miss my corner room on the second floor with the big windows where I can just sit and look out to the neighborhood or the backyard and read. I miss going to church, knowing everyone, and joking around with Pastor Adam and the rest of the worship team. I miss my restaurant where I waitress, making Starbuck's drinks all day and having a blast with the rest of the waitstaff (and the ghetto dishwashers and stuck-up chefs). And, yes, I miss Wisconsin cheese. I miss going to Storheim's Frozen Custard and eating cheese curds with the youth group or high school friends. While my three weeks at home this May will be short-lived...I can't wait. Then it's back to school. I anticipate that this summer will fly by. Between working my tail off, spending hours upon hours with my keyboard and guitar in the dorm room, and hanging out with friends, I'll be plenty busy. Sooner than I know it, it'll be time to move into the north lodge and start my junior year. Bitter sweet? Of course. Leaving the familiar behind and moving will be a challenge. But life would be so boring if not for challenges and change. It's all just another bend in the road...

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Another on-duty weekend in the good ole' Shatford House. You know, while it may seem like a bummer to have to spend my entire weekend in a dorm and miss out on what my friends are doing, it truly is a blessing. I get to chill with some amazing freshmen girls and like tonight, chill with some pretty amazing RAs for 3 hours while watching the 9th season of friends (good times). I also get to complete all the things on my "to do list" that I have procrastinated on all month...

So, this week I finally figured out what to do for the rest of my life (or at least right after graduation). I could just picture God up there sitting on the edge of His seat, cheering me on to actually see where He was leading. Who am I to think that He has given me this insurmountable passion for music for mere pleasure? Churches are crying out for qualified worship leaders who truly have a passion for praising our awesome Father. That's where you'll find me. Working in a church, leading the worship part time while I hopefully tour independently part time. Yup, you heard me. I'm taking the plundge and concentrating on writing more and pursuing this "hobby" as a potential vocation. Hopefully after a summer on campus (living in Evans 103 all by myself) with my keyboard and yet-to-be-purchased guitar I'll have a clearly defined goal and direction. I hope you realize just how exciting this is. Five years ago I was going to be a Marine Biologist training dolphins at Sea World. Three years ago I was going to start my own record lable in London, England, and one year ago I was going to be a Public relations consultant for a non-profit organization. Praise God for clarity!!