Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Journey of Junior Year

Ok, so you may call me the worst blogger in the history of bloggers if you wish. It's been...a while since the last one. But I think a little grace is in order. So, it's back to school (although I never really left) after the BSE (best summer ever!). I loved ever minute of this summer. I grew so much in the Lord and I just pray that I don't backslide with all the stresses of school approaching. For the past 2.5 weeks I've been living here, in North Lodge 107 and attending RA training. Yup, for the second year, I'm gonna be an RA. Why? Because I want to see this campus make a 180. I want to see revival in the hearts of those around me. I want to make an impact and show that I really care about the girls living in my unit. So, pray for me. It's gonna be a long year. To top that off, I'm entering the JUNIOR YEAR (dum, dum, dum...melodic dum's to infer danger ahead). My classes are all major classes....well, except badminton, and I'm super pumped about it. I'm also nervous. Maybe I really don't have what it takes. I'm gonna be getting into some pretty deep theological issues in my classes this year and I pray that I'll be about to sort it all out.

Other than being a little scared for classes, I'm ready for the year to begin. My RA staff is amazing, my friends are supportive, and the Lord is sovereign. If you get a chance, pray for the fam...Kim, my sister, is in Bolivia until Dec. teaching at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center. Bolivia isn't a very politically stable country and there is a lot of unrest there. The little bro, Kyle, is now a freshman at Greenville College in Illinios. Get this, his major is Christian Contemporary Music. Grr!! The little punk gets to spend class time in a recording studio and studying the likes of Michael W. Smith. Am I jealous? No, because I'm where the Lord wants me. But if you think of it, pray for him.

Well, you made it! Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day in the Lord!