Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Which Way is Up?

It's 2am. I should be sleeping considering that I got about 10 hours in the past two nights combined. I got to see some pretty amazing friends this past weekend. Thank you, God for friends that keep in touch across the miles and can somehow hold you accountable over the phone. Paul, Bre, Julie, Jackie, and Shawn...miss you already! It was too short of a visit and I, for one, needed more time!!

1/2 of the semester left, what now? I'm up to my ears in seminary entrance essays, job applications, and complete confusion. Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty of the future I have this strange peace about life. God's got it, plain and simple. He's got it, so why should I fear anything? I just have to let him take the reigns and we'll continue on the best road trip ever (with the best music...no annoying 80s songs that always seem to creep onto the radio).

I'm tired...goodnight!