Saturday, June 03, 2006

Get out of the Boat

Summer. It was supposed to be an amazing time. I was supposed to work at the cafe for 7 weeks and then go on tour with SLAM. I was supposed to... Well, my friends, when you ask the Lord to send you trials in order to make you a stronger person and more Christ-like, He answers (be careful what you pray for). I have worked at the cafe a grand total of 4 times since being home, I've painfully injured my back and am basically bed ridden and have to go to the chiropractor every single day. i got a job as a telemarketer but was asked to do some pretty unethical stuff so I quit after 2 days and once again, I am jobless. I don't have 1/2 of my support raised for tour and I have $400 for school in the fall. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

What?!? Praise the Lord? Life pretty much sucks right now. Why would I be praising the Lord? Because He is calling me out of this boat I'm in. He's walking on the water and wants me to join him in this amazing experience. In order to do that, I need to let go of MY plans. He's answered my prayer and He is sending trials my way. What a privilege! I took my calculator out yesterday and started figuring out how much money I had to earn to be able to go back to school in the fall. Tears started streaming down my face when I realized I wouldn't have enough. Why on earth am I going on a tour for half the summer when I need a job to earn money for school?? It was at that point that my mom came up to me and ask "did you add God in?" hmm. Did I? Why do we limit what the Lord can do? He has always provided for me. Every single year I haven't had enough money for school, yet here I am, a senior. What makes me think He'll stop providing now?

So, I'm getting out of the boat. I don't know what tomorrow will bring. But I know I need to trust that God's got me. So, bring on the waves, I'm ready.