Thursday, November 17, 2005

Treading Water

Thank you to Nathanael Miles who so kindly pointed out to me that my blog hadn't been updated since Sept the way, he was checking this in the middle of the Religion Division's Colloquium today. Way to pay attention Nathanael.

Well, here we are. The semester is coming to a close. If I had to give one word to summarize the first semester of my junior year at IWU it would be- are-you-kidding-me-right-now? Everything would've been fine if not for these atrocious classes I am enrolled in. The work hasn't stopped and my room has been the most viewed scenery this year. My roommate is off in Taiwan student teaching and still has about 3.5 weeks left. It has been truly sad. My joy has depleated. Being an RA hasn't been stressful, it's actually helped me this year. The girls are so encouraging and living in the Lodges with an amazing RA staff has been fabulous. Still, it doesn't lessen the pain felt from Dr. Bounds' theology exams or Dr. Turcott's communication theory papers, or even worse, Prof. Edwards crazy huge prompt books for directing class. But, lest I forget, junior year is what separates the girls from the...tougher girls. So, right here, right now, the complaining with cease and I will ever be greatful for a crazy semester that has made me work hard, longer, and with more veracity than any before.

The joy of the Lord really is my strength. I lost my joy for a time this semester and, consequently, lost my strength. Neglecting to spend time in the Word, I mean significant time in the Word hinders you more than you ever thought possible. I just thank the Lord that He brought be back on track and that this semester is finally drawing to a close.